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From: Frank Agono
Lagos, Nigeria

Dear Reader,

If you are interested in making money from Cryptocurrencies in 2023 and beyond, pay attention to this article because I have good news and bad news for you…

Which do you want to hear first? Let’s start with the bad news…

Here’s it:

Bitcoin cannot make you rich again!!!

The world’s most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, cannot make you rich again.

That is not a misstatement.

Yes, I know it has made a lot of people rich in the past, but that’s because they were the early adopters. i.e. they got in while it was still very early…

Except unless you have $30,000 (23 Million Naira) to buy 1 bitcoin now (as at time of writing this)…

And you are willing to wait for however long it would take (could be years) for Bitcoin to do 100% in order to give you at least times 2 of your investment…

Then my statement earlier, that Bitcoin can not make you rich again is correct.

Do not be scared however, here’s the good news…

There are over 7,000 other cryptocurrencies, some of which can give you x2, x4, x10 and upto x100 of your investments within a short period of time…

Just like the early adopters of Bitcoin, you too can become an early adopter of one or more of these coins and make huge monies for yourself.

But there's a problem

What problem again Frank, you ask?

Some of these coins are scam coins, i.e. you pay for a coin and never actually get the coin, coin gone, your money gone…

Did I hear you say “God forbid”?

While some others are what we call “shitcoins”, these ones pump once and never again.

So… How do you identify genuine coins and adopt them early so that you can make huge returns for yourself?


Jackto Precious

Meet Precious, a former Bet9ja salesperson who went from earning 15,000 per month to earning over 10 Million Naira each month within 5 years…

And has now relocated from Nigeria to Dubai (the global hub of Crypto traders)

Jackto Precious got interested in trading Crypto in 2021 after watching his friend turn 1 million Naira into 40 million Naira in 6 months from one single trade…

Since then, He has gone on to become an expert 8 figure trader for himself, travel round the world and now teaches over 3000 students how to do the same for themselves.

jackto precious trading
Jackto precious in Dubai
Jackto precious in europe

Are you looking for a proven, step-by-step pathway to crypto wealth?

Whether your goal is long-term growth or short-term profit, Jackto Precious can surely help you achieve it.

He has formulated a proven system that has turned ordinary people into extraordinary success stories.

Now he has prepared an Exclusive webinar, that shows exactly how he makes millions trading cryptocurrencies and how you too can…

Here’s what you will learn in this webinar:

✅  Fast-track your Crypto Journey: How anyone can get started with trading and fast-track the process.

✅  The x100 Blueprint: My 3 step process to finding coins that can x10 – x100 and when to buy them.

✅  The Art of Crypto Trading: Why people are losing money and I and my students are making money in the financial market

✅  My Secret Sauce: How I have been able to make $10k monthly trading the financial market.

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Meet Your Host

Frank Agono

Experienced Digital Marketing Professional, Beginner Crypto Trader and student of Jackto Precious

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